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Color Operation designs websites and create logos and brand identity for small businesses, individual operators, and creative folks. Our focus is to provide you and your business with branding and websites that authentically express your business values... In other words, we make you look and feel good (to those searching for you on the web). We are based in the Venice / Culver City / Mar Vista area of Los Angeles, California, but available worldwide.
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About Color Operation



The insignia above, of an open hand over a closed fist, combines our initials C and O with the traditional gesture and greeting of respect (a.k.a. kung-fu salute). It symbolizes a desire to be flexible and cooperative, yet firm; and an ideal that is found in the balance of opposites.


Founded by Gabriel Leung in 2008, Color Operation is a design practice that explores and expresses a balance of opposites, from graphic design, websites, and branding, to objects, furniture, and architecture. There is beauty in the tension of opposites and anything can be made to feel modern, of the moment, and timeless when given just the right adjustments.


These precisely crafted adjustments and refinements (or operations) is our unique way of coloring a project so that it may fully express the feeling or essence we had set out to capture. Through collaboration and cooperation we mine out the core essences of your brand to get results that feel authentically you.


We are Color Operation. Based in Los Angeles. Available worldwide.

About Gabriel



Gabriel Leung is a designer, craftsman, and motorcycle enthusiast. He grew up under the influence of the warm southern California sunshine and spent much of his childhood playing outside and using his hands… whether it’s making, building, fixing, or modifying things.


His love of the outdoors led to a B.A. in Geography/Environmental Studies from UCLA, and his infatuation with making and building guided him to receive his Masters in Architecture from SCI-Arc. He combines forward thinking design with undertones of environmental stewardship in his work, effecting thoughtful solutions and positive vibes.


He is an Eagle Scout and enjoys spending time in nature with his lovely lady and sweet boy, working on and riding his motorcycle, martial arts, drinking tea, listening to music on vinyl, and duck confit.




My Story

After graduating from UCLA with a degree in Geography, I realized there were very few jobs that were both interesting and directly applicable to my knowledge about the Earth. Luckily, I was (and still am) the type of person with diverse interests. I took classes outside of my department including art, theatre, film and television, and picked up other skills and experiences that could be applied to a broad number of fields.


For example, in my free time, I taught myself how to build websites and edit images using Adobe Photoshop. I built and rebuilt several iterations of a personal blog and a website for a student film project. I became familiar with web graphics standards, developed an eye for design, and enjoyed the feeling of building something from scratch, then putting it out there for the world to see.


Through an invaluable connection from my participation in the UCLA snowboarding team, I was hooked up with my first job out of college as an Assistant Art Director and Web Designer at a small Hollywood advertising agency. This was my first experience with designing and building websites professionally.


While designing for the web, I became more interested in the field of design in general, and found myself gravitating towards architecture. What attracted me was the potential to combine both my study of environmentalism, and my new profession as a designer. I enrolled in architecture school at my earliest opportunity, and spent three and half years immersed in and among leading designers and thinkers.


During summers and after graduating from architecture school I worked as both an architectural designer and website designer for several firms in the Los Angeles area. In between architectural jobs, I freelanced as a web designer for architecture studios, and while working as an architect, I was often called upon to be the studio web designer in addition to the regular tasks of being a project manager, designer, and architect. I applied what I learned about architectural space, composition, organization, and flow to the websites I worked on and really liked the results.


And now, many building projects later, and after 10 years of experience working in architecture studios and designing websites for them, I decided to start my own business, providing clean, modern, architecturally inspired web spaces to those who seek a more carefully considered web experience. Thank you for your interest in Color Operation.